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Fabbrix and augmented reality: development of an app for the maintenance of ELEMENTO 2.1

In the first months of 2024 the Fabbrix team hosted a university internship for the master's degree course in Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic of Bari, with the final aim of developing an augmented reality (AR) app intended for the maintenance of the industrial 3D printer ELEMENTO v2.1.

Student: Giacomo Lorusso - Supervisor: Prof. Michele Gattullo - Company tutor: Angelo Di Gioia.

During the internship, Giacomo performed outstandingly, tackling and overcoming various technical challenges. The ElementAR app, developed using the Unity platform and the Meta Quest Pro viewer, significantly improved the maintenance and initialization process of the Fabbrix ELEMENTO 3D printer. The project required in-depth knowledge of AR technologies, careful device configuration, and strong problem-solving skills.

The skills acquired during the internship, including the ability to develop AR applications and adapt to new technologies, were crucial to the project’s success. This experience has allowed the Fabbrix team to further advance in the field of augmented reality applied to industry, demonstrating how innovation and training can go hand in hand to promote technological development.

Looking forward, the implementation of augmented reality applications in the industrial and automation sectors opens new frontiers for predictive maintenance and operator training. These tools can reduce downtime, increase the precision of maintenance operations, and improve workplace safety, making industrial processes more efficient and sustainable.




We are proud to have provided Giacomo with a stimulating and supportive work environment, allowing him to grow both professionally and personally. The application he developed will be a significant cornerstone for his thesis and future career in engineering and Industry 4.0.

Fabbrix will continue to support internship initiatives and collaborations with universities, promoting projects that further our mission of innovation and technological progress.