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Welding fixture

Our research team is unstoppable! The development of a solution for welding tubular structures for the automotive, railway and aerospace sectors is currently underway.

The welding fixture, made from Fabbrix® PLA HT with high dimensional stability and high mechanical performance, represents a turning point in the world of industrial applications.

In addition to the drastic reduction in processing costs, some of the main advantages related to large format additive manufacturing are:

  • Customizable monolithic products
  • Possibility of creating complex geometries by overcoming construction obstacles typical of traditional manufacturing
  • Reduction in the number of parts
  • Elimination of labour costs for the manufacture of the fixture
  • Possibility to build ergonomic lightweight structures, easily transportable by the operator.

Furthermore, the use of inserts made of a material like Fabbrix® PPS safeguards the fixture 3D printed in polymeric material. Its high strength allows it to withstand the thermal shock of a nearby weld.

Are you interested in collaborating with us for the development of this application?