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CE Certification in Progress

The Fabbrix® Engineers Team is working to complete the CE Certification of the Fabbrix® ELEMENTO 3D printer by mid-March, according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

But that's not enough!

The European legislative development regarding the machine safety requires that 3D printers are considered in all respects as "Machines".

To complete the CE Certification process, in order to sell the printer within the European Community, must be considered the following directives:

  • LVD - Low Voltage Directive
  • EMCD - Directive for electromagnetic compatibility
  • OND - Directive for noise emissions 

The Fabbrix® ELEMENTO will be manufactured in Italy and sold all over the world, so nothing can be left to chance!

The main goal for the Fabbrix® Engineering Team is to provide workers a healthy and safe working environment, establishing all the preventive measures necessary for this purpose, with the aim of minimize risks associated with the use of machinery.