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[Timelapse] Orthopedic corset

One of the fields in which large format 3D printing does bear fruits and have promising progress ahead is the medical sector, especially orthopedics.

The technique is particularly effective and efficient in the production of corrective corsets for pathologies difficult to treat, such as scoliosis.

There are multiple production advantages:

  • Drastic cost and production time reduction
  • Waste-free machining and workforce reduction on the single piece
  • Wide availability of filaments dedicated to the medical sector
  • Possibility to make corrections by thermomodeling
  • Easy disposal of materials

In addition, the model lightness and anatomy significantly improve the quality of the treatment, thanks also to a better patient tolerance.

Enjoy the orthopaedic corset production timelapse made with our Fabbrix® ELEMENTO V2 on behalf of CreaMED!