racing seat

Double Direct Extruder

The beating heart of every FFF 3D printer is the extruder.

racing seat

Optimized workflow

Investment in Digital Technologies: is it worth it?

Yes of course! It increases the innovative capacity of the manufacturing company, besides being an extraordinary opportunity to grow and affirm its own competitiveness on the market.

racing seat

Intregration in your workplace

Fabbrix® ELEMENTO V2 is the solution for large format additive manufacturing that integrates perfectly into any work environment, thanks to its unique and refined design.

racing seat

Production continues

Our team is tireless, which is why we constantly need to roll up our sleeves to face our customers’ numerous requests.

racing seat

Racing Seat

Designed for the automotive sector as an innovative and sustainable solution, the example shown today is a monolithic seat produced with the super-performing BASF Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 filament.